Safety Vest


Product Description


  • Ballistic vest for school equipment with front and back protection. Includes a rescue handle in the back for easy manipulation of the garment or the child in case of an emergency.
  • Functional, contains 3 pockets: cell phone, dynamo flashlight, paper and a hook to whistle.
  • Special anti-trauma system, developed to significantly reduce the subsequent trauma.
  • Versatile as emergency can also be used as a shield (not necessarily the user’s body for excellent performance).
  • Allows quick reaction, with easy adjustment system on shoulders and sides.
  • Developed and verified with laboratory reports to validate the perfect performance of the garment.

Sizes: T6, T8, T10, T12
Color: Red
Weight: 2kg
Protection Levels:

Threat Level Bullet Caliber and Type Bullet Mass (grains) Impact Velocity (ft/s) Impact Velocity (m/s)
II 9 mm Full Metal Jacket, Round Nose 124 1205 367
II 357 Magnum Jacketed, Soft Point 158 1430 436