Forts and Shields is a registered Security Service Provider (SSP) in USA, Nigeria and Kenya. As a security organisation with an interdisciplinary engineering approach, we have exclusive distributor of front-line protection products in Africa and in strategic partnership with world-renowned providers of cyber intelligence and digital forensics services. We offer bespoke security products to Individuals, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and other security organisations (Military, Police and Para-Military), Civil Defence, Airport Authority and National Emergency Management Agency.

Collective, we parade over 100 years experience in the field of security. We know about security defence, protection, discovery and recovery. Our background range from military to academics to consultancy.

Our goal is to bring security solutions closer to the clients. We therefore maintained a fully functional offices and showrooms in Nairobi, Lagos and Florida. We also maintain a business outpost in Cardiff and Taipei.

We provide products for both Physical and Cyber (Logical) Security Protections.
Our Miguel Caballero’s range of bulletproof wears include both the standard military jackets and civilian clothing’s such as kaftans, shirts, jackets and under vests. These items can be supplied from protection levels II to IV (NIJ Standard).

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a multi-purpose high-intensity directional hailer designed for long-range (up to 5 KM) that can be used for crowd control, emergency evacuation, anti-piracy at sea and bird control at airfields.

Our Bulletproof Sentry Boxes are used for the protection of guards from armed attack and can accommodate from one to 12 people. They are available at protection levels IV and IV+.

Our Bomb and Bullet-proof Window Blinds, can withstand large vehicle bomb up to 500kgs of TNT, aesthetic and unobtrusive.

The Rook is a six tons of pure responsive armoured critical vehicle which can be used for anti-kidnapping, anti-piracy, and hostage taking.